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 Membership Agreement
  • You shall complete the Membership Agreement in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Aucnet Medical. You shall confirm and warrant to Aucnet Medical that all of the information submitted to Aucnet Medical at the time of the Membership Agreement is accurate, true and up-to-date. If a change occurs after the Membership Agreement, you shall promptly change your registration in accordance with the procedures prescribed by Aucnet Medical. Aucnet Medical may refuse a Membership Agreement at its discretion. In such case, you may not make any claim or objection and Aucnet Medical does not have any obligations, such as to explain the reason for refusal. Aucnet Medical shall give registered Users (“Registered Users”) an ID, password, and other authentication key (“Authentication Key”), or if the Authentication Key is set by the Registered User itself, the Registered User shall strictly manage the Authentication Key and shall not disclose, divulge, or allow another person to use the Authentication Key. Aucnet Medical may treat all communications conducted correctly using the Registered User’s Authentication Key as being deemed to have been conducted by the Registered User itself or by a person given the appropriate authority by the Registered User. In such case, Aucnet Medical is not liable for any damage that occurs to the Registered User, even if it occurs due to misuse of the Authentication Key or due to another reason. Registered Users may cancel their User registration in accordance with Aucnet Medical’s prescribed procedures at any time. Registered Users are deemed to consent to the receipt of e-mail magazines and other electronic mail from Aucnet Medical (including advertisements from Aucnet Medical and third parties) through the Membership Agreement. Registered User can refuse to receive it by canceling the Membership Agreement or another method provided by Aucnet Medical.